Wednesday, 9 November 2011

7th sence

Story, screenplay, and director: A.R.Murugadoss

Casting: Surya, Shruti Haasan, Jhonny Tri Nguyen, and the others

Dialogues: Sri Ramakrishna
Music: Harris Jayarajj
Lyrics: Bhuvanachandra
Cinematography: Ravi K Chandran
Editing: Antony
Action: Peter Hein
Produced by: Subramanaiam B, Rupesh Y

In the 05th or 06th century, Bodhi Dharma (Surya), a prince belonging to Palllava dynasty, goes 2 China where he is soon revered by the local people with his expertise in medicine and martial arts. Few years later he dies and he is cremated there. In the present day and time, Chinese government sends Dong Lee (Johnny Tri Nguyen) to implement Operation Red, and also orders to kill Subha (Sruthi Haasan), a genetic Engineering student who is doing research on Bodhi Dharma. How Subha with the help of a circus guy Aravind (Surya) foils the Chinese plans forms the rest of the story..

Tamil director A.R. Murugados and actor Surya won popularity outside Tamilnadu with the super hit, Ghajini . Six years later, they have teamed up for this new flick titled 7th Sense (dubbed version of 7am Arivu ). Murugadoss who also directed straight Telugu film, Stalin with Chiranjeevi, has chosen a subject that is science-fiction in part, medical thriller in thriller. 

Plot line of the movie is very novel but the writer and director Murugadoss failed to expand it properly. The movie starts off so well, but once the Bodhidharma's episode is over, the movie starts faltering and as it progresses, you get impatient with its silly romantic track, boredom inducing "DristiVaseekaranam" fights, and illogical scenes. Yes, the movie requires generous willing suspension of disbelief. When a Chinese guy is on a killing spree in India, we don’t get to see a single scene of Indian government or higher police officials acting on. Such illogical situations are aplenty. Moreover, the film’s hero plays passive role throughout the movie except in climax.

A handful of good scenes, an excellent start and interesting climax fight sequences don't add for the good of the movie, as it tests the audience’s patience with hodgepodge screenplay, uninteresting romantic track, and predictable second half. Add to that, songs come at inappropriate situations. The so-called message that is given in the end is too preachy..

Surya in the role of Bodhi Dharma is a treat to watch. But his second role is not properly etched.

Sruthi Haasan not only looks glamorous but she also is good at acting. Johnny Tri Nguyen as the deadly villain is perfect for the role.
Like always, Sri Ramarakrishna’s dialogues are bookish and old-fashioned.

Dialogues like "Maa Naanna Siddha Vaidyulu. Cheti chusi rogam ganistaru" are awkward to listen. Music by Haaris Jayraj is big letdown. None of the songs except " Mutyala Dhara " are pleasing to ears and eyes. Cinematography by Ravi K Chandran is good only in parts. CG works are not up to the mark. Peter Hein has composed superb climax fight.

As a writer and director, Murugadoss has tried to tread different path but he's handicapped by his own erratic screenplay.

7th Sense has good concept but it turns tedious after a point. Predictable second half, sluggish pace and logic defying situations outweigh the good qualities like novel plot line and Surya's performance as Bodhidharma. On the whole, 7th Senseis just an okay movie..

Banner: Lakshmi Ganapati Films
Release date: Oct 26, 2011

Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewed by: JP

After thought:
The movie’s basic plot has resemblance to that of a video game called - Assassin's Creed in which a modern day guy is linked with genetic memories of his ancestors.

And this "Choodani Avataram" also has resemblance to Kamal Haasan'sDasavatharam (2008) and the angle of villain controlling other people's dristi has shades of Korean movie, Haunters (2010).


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