Sunday, 20 November 2011

Play Angry Birds Online In Google Chrome

One of the most addictive games Angry Birds is now also available online in google chrome browser.If you haven’t played it on android platform then surely this is the best opportunity for you to play it.The game can be played in two version SD version and HD version.If you have a good Internet connection  then you should play HD version as it offers you wide screen with better quality graphics otherwise you should play the SD version of the game.
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For Those Who Don’t Know About Angry Birds
Angry birds is a puzzle game in which you fire birds with a slingshot to destroy all the pigs which may be hiding in different structures.The structures can be made of ice,wood,stone or with combination of all these.
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How to Play Angry Birds Online In Google Chrome?

Angry birds can be played in online in google chrome by clicking here


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