Sunday, 20 November 2011

Wibree:The Bluetooh Killing Technology

Wibree is a wireless technology for mobiles,laptops,watches for short distance communication.Its development was started by nokia in 2001 to bring an alternative to bluetooth technology.The research was by published in 2004 with the name “Bluetooth Low End Extension” .It was publicaly released in 2006 by nokia.The main purpose for introducing wibree was to create a wireless technology that consumes less energy ,more efficient and cheaper then bluetooth.As most of devices nowdays,uses the bluetooth chip the compatibility with chip was also a big requirement.Now here we will compare both bluetooth and wibree and see in what are the advantages of wibree over bluetooth.
Wibree is cheaper then the bluetooth wireless communication.It consumes less power that’s why it was named as “ Bluetooth Low End Extension “.It was built using and enhancing bluetooth features.Wibree can be integrated on the bluetooth chip.Wibree uses a small transceiver of 2.4 MHz with a physical layer of Mbs.
In December 2009 an agreement is reached between Nokia and the bluetooth manufacturing group SIG that they will add the wibree technology in Bluetooth v4.0 .The shipment of bluetooh v4.0 is expected to be started in and around the end of the calender year 2010.


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